Empowering through encouragement is

at the heart of our motivational efforts.

We know the demoralizing nature of

being unemployed; often feelings of 

“being worthless” or “without purpose”.

Each person, who comes through our doors, is examined to discover their own worth, their innate personal value apart from degrees, job titles, or salaries.


Learning the art of relationship is

essential to anyone’s success.

Our focus on connecting with others goes beyond meeting people  & looking for references. Rather it’s a holistic approach, which relies on ‘Motivation’ & ‘Development’  to bringing value to

others, while including social media techniques & one-on-one brain-storming.


Mentoring, personal refinement, coaching, proper communication, & resume-building are value-added features we offer to our community, as well as many technical aspects of entrepreneurial behavior, job seeking, and contract work.

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Ty Bennet is this 
month’s author for 
“In The Spotlight”.
Check out his book,
The Power of Influence.
Latent Resources

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

- John C. Maxwell

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